Política Brasileira #12

I've gotten beautiful insights from SuperDataScience's Tableau's course on Udemy. Even though I did not objectively work on the project, I have drawn up the two menus I want on the dashboard. From this point onwards, I know exactly what I need to work on, including table calculations and additional data. I have also figured it out how I'm gonna portrait previous years, working as a timeline as well. I'll have to download previous years on the government's API and manipulate it again on Jupyter. As soon as I finish the dashboard sketch, I'll work on that. It'll be useful to streamline the functions on Python and manipulate on a few lines of code. I could engineer the data to pass on an ML model too, once the whiz is ready. I've free flowed with time today, so I'll calculate this as a 3 pomodori-task. Added to the tally.