Politica Brasileira #6

Today I've found some great resources online, to help aid visualization on Tableau (tableau.com/about/blog/2017/1/viz-whiz-hex-..) - great tutorial on how to design Hex-tile-maps. I've drawn up in my mind how the dashboard will look like, but I need to research some tutorials on how to create dropdown lists on Tableau. I'm gonna draw it on a notebook to apply later on. I've also found some articles on the .groupby() function, and how to chain it with aggregate functions and the ".apply() method", to efficiently group data and apply custom functions to it. I'm working on how to use Tableau's table joins(like SQL) so I can hook several data frames together and visualize it. The reason column is proving difficult, so I might have a look at the model I've deployed for the heart_disease project. I need to group the reasons on a way to be able to create new data frames. Adding another four pomodori to the tally.