Política Brasileira #7

Today I've aggregated some fields together, played a little bit with the .groupby() function, and now I need to combine them together and see it on Tableau. Yesterday I've got some ideas on how to put the dashboard together, and perhaps the few remaining calculations can be whipped on Tableau itself. I've read an interesting tutorial describing the Groupby/Split-Apply-Combine strategy(towardsdatascience.com/how-to-use-the-split..). I have partly-formed ideas on my mind on how to pivot data onto a new data frame but I haven't figured it out how to make it happen just yet. I've seen some Tableau tutorials which may help me finish the project. I'm advancing rather quick - this first part of the project is to really clean the data and engineer some dimensions in order to better visualise it - with the next steps of the project it'd be to run ML models and see the output. Another four pomodori to the tally.