Política Brasileira entry #1

Today I've started a new project - following advice from 'Ultralearning', the book by Scott H. Young, I'm engaging directly onto programming by finding an overall project to work towards. As a Brazilian, I find the current state of political affairs an absolute disgrace, but I'm also a hypocrite: I'm not doing anything to change the status quo. With that in mind, I've decided to draw a plan and to work towards informing myself of what can be done. This project is called 'Política Brasileira' and it'll analyse publicly available information at 'dadosabertos.camara.leg.br/swagger/api.html' - it is an API containing information on Brazilian congressmen. The aimed outcome of the project is to visualise the data available, in order to gain information on possible candidates I'd vote for. I'll publish the conclusions in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian. This space will a journal to the project, with code, tutorial links and resources I've used to finish it, together with a 'Pomodoro-tally', which will give me the overall time spent on the project. I've used two pomodori today to research the API and to read tutorials and apply Python programming to web scraping. The idea here is to download data to further analyse it but to do it consciously and only relevant information. This step will save time when analysing the overall file. I will upload the code as soon as I get the downloads I need. The second step will involve reading that data on Jupyter through Pandas, with an extensive Exploratory Data Analysis, which will then be uploaded to Tableau for an interactive Dashboard. I intend to run some machine learning models to draw projections and visualise them all together with Tableau. The initial ETA of the overall project will be four weeks; I intend to spent about three pomodori a day, as I'm still going through Math classes and BJJ.