Política Brasileira entry#5

Today I had a bit of a free-run, without any time or direct goal. The objective today was to shed light on the perspectives and possible combination of data that'd give me the best information. I have grouped the original data frame for better reading at Tableau, and I believe to have found the ideal format for it. I'll keep the original dataset in order to run clustering algorithms to better classify the congressmen, but for now, I'm set on the course to create a beautiful dashboard to base my conclusions off. Once the conclusion file is out, I'll be able to use different years to build a robust model. I gasped at the fact that some congressmen have spent an additional 550 thousand reais (the equivalent of ninety thousand euros) on "external expenses", on an already stellar monthly wage (roughly 5.5k Euros). The minimum wage in Brazil is about 225 euros a month, which equals 4% of a congressmen's wages. There's a concept in Brazil called 'Cesta basica' which is the name given for the basic array of fundamental food for a family(of five), in any given month. The particular congressmen who spent an additional 90 thousand euros, could've bought 2000 of those items, which would feed more than five hundred families for a month. This is the order of magnitude. Pomodori tally remains intact.