print('Hello World!')

This is the first command every programmer learns on their first day. With me was no different. Under a year ago, to solve some challenges at work (I work as a sommelier), I decided to tackle it with technology. My journey began with a couple of Advanced Excel Courses. My main goal was to create an interactive spreadsheet, download it into a tablet and be happy. The challenge consisted of re-arranging the cellar and tagging every bottle - in a way that was easy for people to find wine without my help. Needless to say, it didn't work. So I dug deeper, all the way down into the rabbit hole. Now, here I am, training TensorFlow models and watching linear algebra courses on Youtube, and I couldn't be happier. The thing with technology is that you're free to express your creativity - and AI offers us a lot of space to do that. Technology keeps evolving and keeps disrupting every other field, due to its neverending progress; and I want a piece of the pie: if technology changes our environment and our lives, I want to be part of it. Welcome to my hedonist journey through AI.

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